Kadai Paneer
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FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailGoogle+RedditYummlyThere are two kinds of people in India. One who love cottage cheese or ‘paneer‘ to death and others who … Read More

Vegan Channa masala
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FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailGoogle+RedditYummlyChanna masala..It is a wholesome curry. You can pair it with any flat bread be it ‘Poori’,’Naan‘,’Bhatura‘ and also  ‘Jeera … Read More

Butter chicken
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FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailGoogle+RedditYummlyButter chicken is one of the easiest and most loved recipes.It always brings a smile to a non-vegetarian foodie.Some people … Read More

Tariyal Vangan-Sindhi style brinjal fry
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FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailGoogle+RedditYummlyTariyal vangan-Sindhi style brinjal fry is an easy vegan and gluten-free vegetable sides.Tariyal meaning fried and Vangan means brinjal. Simple … Read More

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FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailGoogle+RedditYummlyPoha is a healthy breakfast which is staple across the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It was ruled by … Read More

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