Chilli paneer-Indo-Chinese starter

Chilli paneer-Indo-Chinese starter Many of us describe this dish “Chilli paneer-Indo-Chinese starter” as one word..Yumm!!!  This starter is one of … Read More

Sindhi flatbreads (Lolo,Chauthe & Besani)

‘Satain‘(7th day after Rakshabandhan) or saatam aatham is an important festival.We celebrate this festival just before Janamashtami.We observe ‘Thado’.It means … Read More

Sindhi Onion Pickle-Basar ji khatairn

Summers reminds me of special pickles.Sindhi Onion Pickle-Basar ji khatairn is one such traditional recipe. Basar means onion and khatairn … Read More

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