Grilling techniques

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Grilling techniques

We apply direct heat to marinated meat,vegetables.Generally known as Seekh kebab or shish kebab.

We use meat, and some root vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes commonly.

Use tomatoes,peppers,onions,tofu,cottage cheese for a distinct flavor.Ingredients get a charcoal flavor. Seekh or shish means skewers & kebab meat patties.

Griling is a huge part of Mughlai Indian cuisine.Originates from the middle east.

Barbecue is popular around the world.It is a huge hit with office crowd.Serve them with mint chutney, lemon,mayo and cheesy dips.

Marination steps:Dip meat or vegetables in a bowl of yogurt along with ginger garlic.
Add spices like turmeric chilly and salt.
Coat the mixture.
Keep it aside for 1-2 hours.
Thus,meat or veggies will absorb flavors.

Finally,Types of Grilling techniques 

  1. Grid ironing– Suspend meat vertically over grid iron.Provide heat from below using gas or charcoal.
  2. Charcoal kettle grilling-Grill charcoal in a kettle.Hence,the flavor comes across via hot lava rocks.
  3. Flat top grill– Meat or veggies are grilled in a girdle over gas stove.
  4. Two sided grill-Fip patties and grill on both sides.
  5. Grill-braising– Place meat or vegetables on the grill.Cover them with a pot to maintain heat within an enclosure.Juices oozes out and also glaze sauces out of the marinated patties.
  6. Sear grilling-Place meat patties on ceramic plates.Apply heat from below to give skin great flavor.
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