Healthy Diwali Party Platter

Happy Diwali to all the readers!

Diwali is undoubtedly the biggest festival of Indian subcontinent.We seek divine blessings as well as party hard.Many communities also start their new year.Most merchants begin with new accounting books.We light earthen lamps/Diyas,Kandeel and burst crackers.

Sweet and savories are also synonymous with this celebration.This Diwali worry not and eat a lot with our Healthy Diwali Party Platter.

However,most people worry about losing weight post Diwali.

We have put together a kid friendly,sugar-free & vegan Diwali platter.You can cook it fast and celebrate the festival with full fervor.

Diwali & festive fever

Pre-Diwali is all about redecorating houses.Painting,new furniture,appliances shopping.

All mums are Marie Kondo in action.Hectic days of de-junking clutter.Then comes clothes n mall hopping. Next comes food and recipes.Some traditional,others modern in a mix.Loads of guests and relatives coming home.Hectic time yet full of enjoyment.

Here are few recipes you can make for Diwali without frying.


Perfect Party platter for the fit and also the fabulous.

Recipe links in the Healthy Diwali Party Platter

Anjeer roll:


Baked namak para:


Baked masala peanuts:


Cornflakes mixture:


Rose sherbet – limonada:


Also,Click here to see more sweet recipes.Additionally, Click here to see more recipe videos.


Have a very Happy Diwali everyone!

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