Nankhatai are desi cookies which are a huge hit with kids.What cakes are to English tea, these tiny bite wonders are to Indian tea time.

Hidden sugar content is the biggest issue with commercial biscuits.

Most people nibble at tea time ignoring amount of sugar in it .

Hence, if you want to control weight, either let go of cookies or add extra workout schedules.

Also, kids today are at a greater risk of sugar related problems.Hence you find them hyperactive.

Most industry produced biscuits is just full of plain flour and almost 30% sugar when you check the ingredients.Also there are additional preservatives added to many for a long shelf life.

Here is a healthy homemade Nankhatai which can help you indulge yet be assured of good ingredients and no preservatives.

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Scroll below to read the yummy Nankhatai recipe:

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