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Naturally Sugar free

If you want eat healthy or you are allergic to treated sugar, it is always beneficial to remove white sugar from your diet.If you want to stay fit,reduce sugar in your diet.Naturally sugar free is naturally healthy.There are many natural and healthy alternatives to white sugar.These days they easily available in market. They give the same sweetness.However they do not pose a risk like artificial sweeteners. Some of the commonly used natural sweeteners include Coconut sugar/Palm sugar, Stevia, Erythritol and Xylitol.


Naturally sugar free ingredients

Coconut Sugar is a sugar produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm.It has been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in South and South-East Asian regions, where the coconut palm is in abundant supply. This ingredient has gained popularity as a health food and among people with diabetes because of its low glycemic index.

Stevia is a natural sweetener.We extract sugar substitute from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Pure stevia has up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar. The active compounds are steviol glycosides (mainly stevioside and rebaudioside).They are heat-stable, pH-stable, and not fermentable. These days you can get both the leaves as well as sugar granules in the market.

We extract erythritol and xylitol from fruits/vegetables. They have a low glycemic index.They are easy to digest.

Also, they are stable on high heat.Hence we can use them for baking.

However. they may cause indigestion in some people if taken in excess.

Note: please consult your health practitioner before incorporating the above ingredients into your daily diet.

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