Sugar free Date roll

Sugar free date roll is a great way to have dates.You can make this traditional recipe 1-2 days in advance … Read More

Couscous salad

Couscous is granular semolina.A type of wheat, moistened with water and lightly covered in flour.It is then rolled into tiny … Read More

Sugar free strawberry chutney

Juicy, summery and delicious strawberry is also known as, ‘queen of fruits’. Everyone loves them for their sweet yet tart taste.One of … Read More

Sugar-free blueberry ice cream

What would summer be without a big tub of ice cream? It’s not even worth considering.. What is worth considering is … Read More

Healthy fish curry

India is blessed with bountiful beaches and flowing rivers.Majestic waters give it an amazing coastline.Coastline implying love for fishes.Fish is … Read More

How to make mawa in microwave

‘Mawa‘ or ‘khoya‘ is a critical ingredient in many Indian sweets like ‘peda’,’barfi’,’halwa’,’mawa modak’,’gujiya’,’kofta’,’mohanthal’,’laddoo’.Usually you can get it easily in … Read More

Baking techniques

Everyone loves a cake.Baking techniques have always been a benchmark for cooking skills.Cakes,cookies,muffins,macaroons,pies,puffs,pastry are always a crowd favourite. Be it … Read More

Sugar free Mango peda

Who doesn’t melt at the sight of the creamy tasty ‘Peda‘.Yep the child in us, still loves to eat a … Read More

Egg it on -Versatile techniques for humble egg

Egg is one the of the simplest ingredients to cook with.It is popular with kids as well as elders.Power packed … Read More

Jain Pav bhaji

Nothing is impossible in the city of dreams. Mumbai is a city of fast pace.Time is money here for all.This … Read More

Indian strawberry preserve – murrabba

Indian strawberry preserve – murrabba. Yummy! This is a classic Indian sweet jam pickle recipe.You cam make this with slightly … Read More

Bombay Bhel or Mumbai Bhelpuri

Bombay Bhel or Mumbai Bhelpuri is similar to life at Mumbai.It is a mix of various flavors and tastes.Although you … Read More

Coriander Mint dip -hari chutney

No party is complete without great food.No North-Indian appetizer  is complete without coriander mint dip -hari chutney.When you combine freshness … Read More

Chocolate Techniques-how to melt,create curls & ganache

Chocolate is the best thing on planet earth after love.. 🙂 Call it a stress buster,aphrodisiac,mood lifter,food of gods, it … Read More

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