Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the king of all Indian sweets.Kala Jamun is the bigger brother.Both taste similar except that latter is … Read More

Shakarkandi kheer -Sweetpotato pudding

Shakarkandi or sweet potato has always been a part of Indian cuisine.It is a great source of Vitamin A & … Read More


‘Rassogulla‘ is a sweet,which tempts people of all ages.It brings out a smile on every soul. You will rarely find … Read More

Sabudana Khichdi

‘Sabudana khichdi’ is a very popular and simple breakfast. We make it from ‘Sabudana‘ or sago pellets.It is made from … Read More

Falhari dahi papdi chaat

Papdi chaat is one of the most loved snacks.Indians love snacking.We load the crackers with yogurt,boiled potatoes or sprouts and … Read More

Falhari Pizza

Pizza is the current favorite of everyone.However,one thing that bugs me is the plain flour.I constantly think how we can … Read More

Banana chips

Banana chips are an easy snack.Vegan, gluten-free and kid friendly.Great during travel and as a party starter too. There are … Read More

Chocolate Ganapati Idol

Ganapati idol comes in all shapes and sizes. Ganesh chaturthi brings people together. Ganesh chaturthi and city of Mumbai There … Read More

Kesar Pista Rasmalai

Kesar Pista Rasmalai is one of the yummiest dairy based sweets.Probably,one of the best eggless recipes you can make at home.It … Read More

Bhuga chawar -Sindhi onion pulav

Sindhis love Bhuga chawar -Sindhi onion pulav. There is nothing better than rice pilaf cooked with caramalized onions. I love … Read More

Kesar Pista kheer

Kesar Pista kheer or the saffron pistachio rice pudding is an easy and much loved recipe.Be it any region of … Read More

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