Rose Sherbet – Limonada

Rose sherbet – limonada is just perfect for cooling down on a hot summer afternoon.This is a Lebanese recipe and comes straight from the heart.It is a perfect twist to your everyday lemon soda. Mediterranean region is full of such special gems.Sadly,much of it in conflict now.Roses of Damascus were a craze for long.Wish the world was as simple as the blush of sweet roses. 

Perfect party teetotaler drink 

Lemonade with an extract of rose petals, give it a beautiful color.Just like love’s first blush.

It sounds exotic but it is a very simple recipe.You can make it at home before party starts.Helps you save money and also serve the drink everyone will love.After all,everyone wants a cool drink when they are at a party.Be it after a pizza or a biryani,you want to let go of the diet. Everyone wants to have a cheat day someday!

You may have it with chilled water or just some good old plain soda.

Actually,it is a relief from all those sugary colas.

You may love the fizz but you can control the sugar element.

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Rose Sherbet - Limonada
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Rose Sherbet - Limonada


  • 1 cup dried edible rose petals.
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice.
  • 2 litre bottle chilled plain soda
  • 1/2 cup sugar(or as per taste)


  1. Boil rose petals in 2 cups of water until reduced to half of the volume.
  2. Turn off the gas,add lemon juice and sugar to it.,mix well and let it cool.
  3. Store the concentrate in a glass bottle in fridge.
  4. To make the soda, add little concentrate to the glass along with sugar.Mix it.
  5. Add soda to this.Serve fresh with or without ice.

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