Khasta Kachori-Vegan lentil pasties

 Khasta Kachori-Vegan lentil pasties are the perfect partner for evening tea.Spicy and a bit sweet and very crunchy(khasta) hence a … Read More

Chikki-Bengal gram brittle

Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival.A time for friends and family to rejoice.Indian sweet market is at its prime during this … Read More

Sindhi Pulao

Sindhi Pulao or ‘Bhugge chawar‘  is a special delicacy for all Sindhi families.Working moms also face a lot of challenge.Managing … Read More

Sweet Potato burger

Sweet potato shares its etymology with potato and is called ‘batata’ or ‘kumara’.It resembles carb powerhouse potato but is sweeter in taste. This root vegetable is a powerhouse … Read More

Sindhi Onion Pickle-Basar ji khatairn

Summers reminds me of special pickles.Sindhi Onion Pickle-Basar ji khatairn is one such traditional recipe. Basar means onion and khatairn … Read More

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