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Dry fruit mix Kesar - Saffron strands Pista - Pistachio Dried rose petals Badam - Almonds Kaju - Cashews


Spices Khuskhus - Poppy seeds Saunf - Fennel seeds Dalchini - Cinnamon Elaichi - Cardamom Jaifal - Nutmeg safed mirch - white pepper

1. Toast spices in a pan at a low flame without oil. Keep it aside to cool. Grind them once cool.

2. Grind nuts and rose petals in a dry grinder to make the nut mix. Mix the nut mix with ground spices and grind again.

3. Boil milk along with saffron and sugar as per your taste. Chill it and add then add the thandai powder. Mix well and serve in the next few hours