Bhavana Bhatia -I am a dreamer, writer, poetess when I am not working.Cooking is therapy, and a great way to express yourself.I basically feel good food is similar to painting and it appeals to all of your senses.I have a sweet tooth and feel any recipe served with a dollop of love will definitely win hearts of the people you love.

Gaurav Masand- I am a techie geek who loves his photography too. Food photography is my first love and I love travelling across continents to experience various cultures,cuisines and traditions.Love of good food binds people together and helps bridge a gap between generations cultures and countries

Guest contributors

Deepti Masand- I love cooking and experimenting with flavors.I seek perfection in the food I prepare.Good food helps you attain good health and fitness.I love swimming, driving,shopping when I am free .I love learning and trying new cuisines.


Anuja Vijay-I am an engineer by profession, but cooking is my passion. I love exploring different cuisines from ethnic Indian to delicious foods from different countries around the world. I am also a freelance food photographer. Food photography is a perfect way to put forward my passion for cooking ,creativity and photography.

Bhuvana Rao- Passionate about cooking and baking.Avid reader and collector of books, paintings,sketches,hand crafted fabrics, jewelry and finer things of life. HCM wizard when at work and blogger off it. I love reading on my kindle and practicing Bharatnatyam. I believe you can make the world a better place even with small actions.