Homemade Ghee

Homemade ghee or clarified butter needs no introduction to vegetarian cooking.It has been used in India for centuries.

Home made ghee is made from milk cream. Remove the top layer of cream once you boil and cool full fat milk.You can drink this as skimmed milk.Save this cream repeatedly in a freezer.Bring the cream to room temperature.Now, use it to prepare ghee.

Most Indian moms use this technique from ages.Pure and unadulterated!You also get white butter during the process.Once you strain ghee,you get khurchan.Use it to make sweets,curry or paranthas.

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Homemade Ghee

Homemade Ghee


  • 400 gram milk cream(Yields around 200 gm pure ghee)
  • 1 cup water


  1. Add water to cream.Mix well
  2. Blend the mix.
  3. Strain & keep white butter aside
  4. You can use the remaining water to knead flour.
  5. In a non-stick pan,add butter.
  6. Stir well & cook until solids, separate and turn brown
  7. Strain the mixture to get Ghee(clarified butter).

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