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Sattu laddoo

We know the ancient kingdom of Magadha as the present day Bihar.

It was the land of learning.It stands tall even in its ruins.

Bihar and Jharkhand

Biharis work very hard.Many top IAS and clear govt exams.Some toil in the fields or join the army.You will find many transport wallas from Bihar too.They love to drive and are simpletons at heart.They have very unique cuisine.Sattu is one of the main reasons of their energy.You will find various delicacies in their cuisine.Most famous ones are Sattu laddoo,Makhaane ki kheer,litti chokha,malpua and kalakand.

Versatile Sattu

Sattu is the pride of Bihar.It is a mix of roasted barley,cereals and bengal gram powder.Hence,the taste resembles to that of besan.You can call it the power house of energy.

Generally it is roasted with sand in a wok.Nowadays,even supermarket sell it due to the high demand.It is also available abroad. It keeps the body cool, in hot summer.

We are now returning to the roots as a food trend.

All the ancient grains are regaining popularity.

How do we eat it?

You can make bread,drink and even a dessert out of it.Most people who travel outside Bihar tend to carry it with themselves.

Sattu laddoo is a yummy recipe. It is easier to make, compared to Besan laddoo.We can make it in lesser time as it is already pre-roasted. Also, eaten during Nag Panchami in North Karnataka.

You can also make it as prasad offering during Ganesh Chaturthi.

sattu laddo steps

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Sattu laddoo
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Sattu laddoo


  • 2 .5 cup sattu
  • 3/4 cup ghee
  • 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder/elaichi
  • Garnish:1 tsp pistachios


  • In a pan, add 1/4 th cup ghee and roast sattu in it until rawness disappears.
  • Let it cool a bit.
  • Now add cardamom powder,sugar and remaining ghee.
  • Bind them into small truffles of equal size when warm using a greased palm.
  • Garnish with pistachios.
  • Store in a cool dry container.

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