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Akhrot barfi-walnut fudge

Nuts and mawa or khoya is a lethal combo for sweets.It is a great way of having dry fruits.They provide us with good protein in daily life.I love making barfi during festive season.You can make it using mawa from market.If you do not get mava, just make it from milk powder. Or best by just reducing full fat milk.Akhrot barfi-walnut fudge is a great way to use walnuts. 

Almond squares /badam barfi,kaju katli/cashew bites,khorak are some great ways of incorporating dry fruits in your diet. You can make it all round the year.There are no surplus nuts that go rancid.It is great to make stuff at home instead of buying granola bars from market.

Nuts are fabulous tidbits of flavor and energy.Full of anti-oxidants and protein.

However, you need to ensure sugar intake is well balanced with exercise.

New twist to burfi

We have given a twist to normal walnut barfi .Adding the goodness of rose petals.It gives a great flavor to barfi.Also, adds texture to it.You can simply use rose water if you do not have petals available.You may also add saffron or cardamom as a variation.


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Akhrot barfi-walnut fudge
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Akhrot barfi-walnut fudge


  • 1 ltr milk reduced to 1 cup (250 ml)
  • 1-1/2 cup walnut kernels
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup rose petals
  • 1 tsp ghee
  • Sliced pistachios,few rose petals for garnish


  • Reduce 1 ltr milk to 250 ml.
  • Add sugar to it.
  • Crush walnut kernels to small pieces.
  • Add the walnuts,rose petals to it and cook till you get semi-solid consistency.
  • Grease tray with 1 tsp ghee.
  • Pour the walnut mixture on greased tray.Garnish with pistachios & few rose petals.
  • Make incisions with a knife on the mix.
  • Set in refrigerator for couple of hours.
  • Serve once set.

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