Punjabi Kadhi/Pakode wali kadhi

Punjabi Kadhi/Pakode wali kadhi is a simple yet very tasty curry.It is very light and flavorful.You need very little ingredients … Read More

Chicken Dum Biryani

There is nothing like one pot meals for a Sunday gathering.Be it lamb fish or chicken rice.Most meat lovers love … Read More

Litti chokha

Litti chokha is a dish very close to many a heart.This is a must have in Bihar.Just like Dal Bafla … Read More

Homemade Ghee

Homemade ghee or clarified butter needs no introduction to vegetarian cooking.Ghee has been a choice of cooking for any important … Read More

Methi malai matar

Methi malai matar  is a traditional Indian Curry.Peas cooked in creamy fenugreek gravy is an easy curry. I consider it … Read More

Sattu ki barfi

Sattu ki barfi is an easy sweet.Few ingredients and maximum taste.These days one doesn’t have too much time.People are so … Read More

Gluten-free Kala Jamun

Kala jamun or Kala Jam is one of the most loved sweets. You can call it as the king of … Read More

Khasta Kachori-Vegan lentil pasties

 Khasta Kachori-Vegan lentil pasties are the perfect partner for evening tea. Spicy and a bit sweet and very crunchy(khasta).Hence, a … Read More

Karachi Halwa

Karachi Halwa is a tasty nutty fare.Some people also call it the Bombay halwa.However, it will forever be Karachi Halwa … Read More

Badam Katli

India is a land of festivals. Festive season starts with Saawan maas after Ramnavmi in April. Shravan Purnima.Varalakshmi vratam& Rakhi. Teej … Read More

Nutty chocolate bites

Chocolate is a versatile sweet.You can never go wrong with it.Everyone loves a good bite.Be it anniversary,birthday or just a … Read More

Pineapple Biryani

Biryani is always great for a Sunday brunch or a party.As a result.it is widely appreciated.It is also a symbol … Read More

Sindhi Dal poori

Sindhi Dal poori is an easy breakfast.It is comfort food.We serve simple dal with fried flatbread poori .It is wholesome … Read More

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